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How to Prevent Pilonidal Cysts

You may have had an ingrown hair before, but unless you’ve had a pilonidal cyst on your tailbone, you don’t know the half of it. And you don’t want to. Here’s how to avoid this painful infection.

May 1st, 2022
How to Avoid a Repeat Hernia Surgery

The last thing you want to do after having any type of surgery is to need it again. But some procedures — including hernia surgery — may need a second round. Here are some ways to sidestep that scenario.

Apr 8th, 2022
Life After Gallbladder Removal

You can live without your gallbladder if it’s causing you trouble, but you may need to make a few adjustments. Here’s what to expect if you have to go gallbladder-less.

Mar 14th, 2022
4 Signs You Need Your Appendix Removed

Abdominal pain can be as benign as excess gas or as serious as a burst appendix. Find out how to spot the signs of appendicitis and when they indicate you need surgery.

Feb 2nd, 2022
When Should I Consider Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

If you have frequent heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux, where stomach acids travel upward into the esophagus and throat, you may have a hiatal hernia. Learn when surgery should become a consideration.

Jan 1st, 2022
Hernias after pregnancy

Does your abdomen look or feel different after being pregnant? Do you have a new bulge in your belly button? Do you have back pain and a weakness of your abdominal muscles? You may have an umbilical hernia and/or a rectus diastasis. Get back to being you!

Apr 16th, 2021
COVID-19 update

GREAT NEWS! Dr. Farrow is excited to announce that beginning Monday April 27, 2020 we will be doing elective surgery again.

Apr 25th, 2020