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Abdominal Wall Repair

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Abdominal Wall Repair

This is not a cosmetic procedure but an operation to restore the integrity and function of the abdominal wall. For those who experience an unsuccessful hernia surgery or simply have very complex issues with the integrity of their abdominal wall, abdominal wall reconstruction can help. Dr. Buckminster Farrow, MD, is very experienced in repairing damaged and troubled abdominal walls, helping to alleviate pain for his patients at his offices in Houston and Katy, Texas.

  • Abdominal Wall Repair 
Abdominal Wall Repair 
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Q & A

What is abdominal wall reconstruction?

While laparoscopic hernia surgeries can repair smaller holes in the abdominal fascia, sometimes more complicated issues can occur with the tissues, fat, and muscle of the abdominal wall. This most often happens after failed hernia surgery, or if hernias keep returning. 

The aim of abdominal reconstruction is to restore the integrity and function of the abdominal wall, allowing you to regain abilities that may have been hampered with a damaged abdominal wall. 

What issues can abdominal wall reconstruction help with?

While abdominal wall surgery helps to address the overall integrity of your abdominal wall, certain conditions make it more likely that abdominal wall reconstruction is necessary. These include:

  • Large incisional hernias
  • Infections following hernia surgery that damages your abdominal wall
  • Frequently recurring hernias

Other conditions that negatively impact the strength and well-being of your abdominal wall can also be addressed through abdominal wall reconstruction.

What should I expect during abdominal wall reconstruction?

Abdominal wall reconstruction is a fairly in-depth procedure, taking anywhere from two to four hours to perform depending on the complexity of your situation. Each operation is uniquely designed to correct the abdominal wall defect and restore the normal function and appearance to your abdomen.

Dr. Farrow does most of these surgeries by re-opening the previous incision and with great care, muscle layers are separated and sewn together to cover the hernia opening allowing a repair that is tension-free. In addition, he often uses mesh to reinforce the repair and prevent any further hernia recurrence. 

What is the recovery like following abdominal wall reconstruction?

Since abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is an open surgery, you’ll likely need to stay in the hospital for 2-5 days, depending on how significant or complex your surgery is, in order to give your body time to rest and heal. 

Within four to six weeks you’ll likely be able to perform much of your normal daily activities, and within eight weeks many people can engage in their regular exercise. However, it’s very important to listen to the recommendations of Dr. Farrow in order to avoid damaging your healing tissues. 

To learn more about abdominal wall reconstruction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Farrow online or by phone today.