Covid-19: Can I have surgery during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tremendous test of American resolve. We mourn the loss of thousands of Americans in 2020 in addition to the economic and social impacts which continue to change the way we live everyday. Mercifully we have seen the number of cases in Texas come down from peak levels in July and our healthcare system has continued to adapt and innovate to battle the novel coronavirus.



Elective surgeries were put on hold, briefly in March/April of this year due to the unclear trajectory of the pandemic at that time. Since late April 2020 Govenor Greg Abbott and the State of Texas have allowed elective surgery in the best interests of our patients and healthcare system. Many of the procedures Dr. Farrow performs are not purely elective but medically necessary to prevent conditions from worsening that can lead to ER visits and/or hospitalizations. Taking out your gallbladder when symptoms first arise or fixing a hernia before it gets larger are important interventions to prevent further pain and disability. It can even save you from having to go to the hospital! Most of the surgeries Dr. Farrow performs are outpatient surgeries meaning there is no overnight stay. These procedures are usually done at outpatient surgery centers, outside the hospital, where patients are healthy and only inside the facility for a few hours. At all of our facilities, staff and patients are screened daily for any symptoms and tested aggressively. Therefore, the risk of being exposed to the novel coronavirus while having surgery with Dr. Farrow is extremely low. Book your appointment today so Dr. Farrow can get you back to being you- SAFELY!